Our Science

In general, historical drug discovery methods have viewed proteins as static entities. In reality, proteins are dynamic and interact with the environment around them, undergoing conformational transformations as they exert their function. As universal building blocks of life, they are guided by laws of thermodynamics, physical laws regulating how proteins fold, function and move as they travel through space and time. At Congruence, we model protein dynamics and surface topology features to rationally design small molecule stabilizers which can revert disease states.

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The Revenir™ Product Engine

We have created a purpose-built computational drug discovery engine called Revenir™, which captures the biophysical changes caused by mutations in proteins.  By examining surface features and numerous biophysical descriptors of both the mutated and wild-type proteins, we build an understanding of that defect and how to correct it.


By modeling protein dynamics in new ways, we reveal hidden features on proteins

Dynamic Pocket Hunting

Reproducibly capture allosteric and cryptic pockets with the potential to revert the disease state

Achieve Congruence

Apply real-time ligand-based correction to predict small molecule hits with the potential to correct the disease state


Compound predicted by Revenir™ seamlessly progress from the dry lab to the wet lab for Hit-Lead-Generation

Advantages of Revenir™

The Revenir™ Engine significantly improves on the historical drug discovery process.

Avoids need for high throughput screening

Rapid Identification of Functional Pockets

Robust Identification of Novel Chemical Matter

Unprecedented Hit Rates

Reduction in Time and Cost


Congruence’s pipeline represents both first-in-class and best-in-class potential to address significant
unmet medical needs in a number of high value indications.